Two for the Road

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!  I have two questions that are very true to my heart.  I’ll answer both in the comments section, so make sure to leave one!



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8 responses to “Two for the Road

  1. Question 1: Two names, Brian Russell my high school assistant band director/music theory teacher and Dr. Michael Linton. We listened to Pierrot Lunaire and he said “I think this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever.”

  2. FORGOT question 2! Sorry
    Q2: Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge Op. 133

  3. grace monk

    1) Mr. Huber, at Dos Pueblos High School, an amazing choir director who taught me basically anything I know about music (I know that’s not very much, but still…), and, 2) hmmm, some of the early jazz/soul singer music only sounds “old” to me because of the quality of the recordings or the cultural references in the songs but not because the music itself sounds old. Right now, I’m thinking of “Kitchen Man” sung by Bessie Smith — of which I am inordinately fond! And some of the old love ballads by New York-based writers whose names I can’t remember 🙂 would work today. The words are beautiful and still applicable.

  4. David, thanks for the note, and I agree that Dr. Linton has had a huge impact on many of us. As for your second question, my thoughts are immediately drawn to Gesualdo’s “Moro, lasso, al mio duolo,” as heard at
    with the score here (from the 1613 first edition, by the way, on page 230 of the .pdf)

  5. RichBonoPerc

    Not so much on question 2, but for question 1 my answer is Christopher Deane. He taught me how to open my ears to an arrangement of sounds that situate themselves in the space of time. Not necessarily listening for standard forms or harmonies but rather letting the music take you through an array of emotions or events. Expect the unexpected.

    • Well said Rich. Christopher Deane is a special educator. I’ve only had a few encounters, but those and most stories from students are inspiring. Thanks for commenting!


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