Beethoven was a Baller


String Quartet Op. 18 No.1 1st mvt. Written about 30 years before his Grosse Fugue

His Große (Grosse) Fuge
This piece was not well received at all in 1825-26, and a reminder as you may have learned at one time: He was completely and utterly deaf.



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2 responses to “Beethoven was a Baller

  1. Katherine

    Wow! I wonder what his inspiration for that was?

    • That’s a great question. And one that I definitely do not know! I am pretty sure that by the time he was at this age, completely deaf and in the final few years of his life, he knew music had to move in a different direction. I honestly (and have no basis for this thought) think he saw where music was going to go to in the next hundred years. Again, no basis, just a hunch!


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