I just have two ?s

These two questions will help us move this blog in better directions. Please comment! Much LOVE!

My answer to Q1: Koyaanisqatsi by Philip Glass



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2 responses to “I just have two ?s

  1. Hey David!
    Finally getting a chance to check your blog out and I have to say great idea!

    Longest piece: probably Reich: Drumming
    If I really trusted your recommendations I would listen, especially if I you educated me on what to listen for and why it is great. The more I know about the music, the more likely I would listen to its nuances.

    This is the problem with most new music being presented these days. Little or no effort is made by the performers to communicate to the audience why the piece is being presented, why it is important, what to listen for, etc.. (sorry, program notes don’t count.. people like to hear the ARTIST speak to them about the music)

    • First, I am completely flattered you came to check out my blog! Thank you!
      I love how long Drumming is and what emotions that puts the listener through. Love it. I guess my longest would be Koyaanisqatsi by Glass. I should (and am now going to) include that in this post.

      I love that you mention program notes don’t count. Yet, they are usually the only clue any “average” or even well-studied listener gets to understand what can sometimes be a modern masterpiece. You also bring up a fantastic point about artists speaking about their music. Especially with technology, composers could be even more visible with the performers in explaining inspirations, techniques, and emotional aspects of their work(s) to an audience. It is my hope that this blog can actually become something bigger that promotes interactivity like that between artists/composers and audiences who have little experience in classical music, much less contemporary/modern music.

      A little antidote, my wife dances contemporary/modern dance of which I have written some pieces, and her parents really had a hard time relating and understanding dance in a contemporary setting. Yet, at a less formal performance, there was explanation of pieces from the choreographers to the audience and immediately her parents appreciated and ENJOYED the movement and pieces better. Now, the concert was less formal so does that mean formality may be getting in the way of audience-artist connections? Sounds like I have another post topic!

      Thank you so much for coming by and commenting!


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