Here it is!

So finally, here’s the link I promised you about! It’s David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize winning piece “The Little Match Girl Passion.” If you have missed some of his intro, please step into the past few posts.

As I’ve said, try to set aside some time in your busy weekends to listen to an emotional piece of music.

UPDATE: 6/26/10 Here’s a link to the album on that has the movement titles.  It helps follow the work a little better!



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2 responses to “Here it is!

  1. Aunt Melissa

    wow-not only the piece itself, but the comments of David Lang—very powerful, sad, yet beautiful and moving-

    • First, thank you so much for watching and listening. I hope it was rewarding. The fact that you found this music “powerful, sad, yet beautiful and moving” makes me very happy! There’s so much to love about this piece and about this contemporary, living composer! The last movement of this work is impossible for me to want to end. It’s so beautiful.
      Thank you again, and feel free to share your experiences with friends and family.


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