Contemporary for all?

Please comment on my questions.  Sorry I’m a little spacey!  Taught Yamaha Sounds of Summer all day!
Also, check out a grant that could help Chattanooga music in the inner-city!

Also, big shout out to Michael Dooley for letting me know you dig the blog!



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5 responses to “Contemporary for all?

  1. Aunt Melissa

    Good job, Davey!!!
    I loved this blog!
    Hope you find a great place in TX.
    (I was born in Texas, you know-Fort Worth at Harris County Hospital. Mimi and Granddaddy were serving a church in Crowley at the time.)
    Anyway, I love your questions and challenges. Don’t know if you’ll “convert” the bar crowd, but it is worth it to keep trying!
    And I have voted twice already for Collin’s project! (And will continue to do so every day this month.)
    Love you-
    Auntie M

  2. I did not know you were born in Ft. Worth! I knew he lived there, but didn’t know that’s your birthplace! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to convert “Highway to Hell” singers, but you never know!

  3. Darrin Hicks

    Yo! David…I’m hyping the blog! We’ve clearly established (as the media and general public would agree) that “music” is for everyone. I am saturated daily with the likes of Gaga, Ke$ha, Kanye and others. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy the pop music scene. Secondly, I have heard you pose the question of…
    ‘How do we catch the interest of those who are not exposed are not ready or willing to be exposed to classical/contemporary music?’

    Possible answer/something I’ve been pondering for a while:

    maybe by mixing styles (i.e. old and new, contemporary and popular, mainstream and art music) we can if nothing else give the “less informed” a pair of floaties rather than throwing them in the pool and expecting them to swim.

    I’m a big fan of hip-hop, I’m also a big fan of contemporary music. Why not mix the styles?
    It’s been done countless times with classical music (Hip hop sampling classical music). But what about contemporary? And even better, how about composers sampling the styles of the new pop/hp hop/rap/rock genres?

    My 2cents.


  4. Darrin Hicks

    Oh…I forgot to give some examples of current artists already doing this.

    Steve Reich (who I know David has mentioned several times in regards to minimalism) is also known to some as…wait for it…”The Father of the DJ Culture”

    Check out the album Reich: Remixed. Well known artists in the DJ/Dance world are avid Reich fans and have sampled or used his music as they write their own. Check out DJ Coldcut, DJ Spooky, Mantronik and others.

    Also out Daniel Bernard Roumain, known as DBR and Jade Simmons. Both classically trained, using/playing in hip hop and rock styles and advocating for both in schools! P.S. DBR has some Hip Hop etudes for sale on his website and Simmons plays them on her new CD.
    There’s a great podcast from ‘To the best of our knowlege’ on NPR at feed://

    Hope everyone enjoys! Maybe some fodder for a future vid!



    • Wow, such awesome information! Thanks for checking it out! I love your point on combining well made musics without sacrificing quality. I could talk and debate the usage of sampling for hours, and may do a post on that very fact. That’ll start some conversation I’m sure! And thanks for mentioning DJ Spoky and also the DJ culture of Steve Reich. I need to find an interview in which he heard his music first in techno music… I’m looking for it now! Thanks again for your great info and without doubt, it’ll find its way on here.


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