My life Phasing

So sorry fellow CV fans for not posting in a while! I am moving from Tennessee to Fort Worth, Texas phasing from one part of my life to another.

I have also been thinking that I need to do less of me, more of the music on the blog. Since this blog’s inception, I have realized more and more that my audience is looking for more introductions to people they don’t know. What this means to you and me is that there will be a greater concentration on exposure to the CV fan.

A friend of mine just recently commented on the “Contemporary for all” post I did a few weeks ago which drops some serious knowledge to us all (thanks DHicks!) It discusses several aspects of music and composers, but it reminded me of a great documentary that somewhere (haven’t seen it in a year-doing that now!) mentions DJs using Reich in their music. Here’s the first installment, and those who don’t know Reich yet, please meet him!


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