Quick Night Pregunta

Love to hear from you!



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3 responses to “Quick Night Pregunta

  1. Allen Doyle

    You know i was looking at your hair

  2. Hmmm…this is a great question and I could be totally wrong (I guess opinions really can’t be judged on right and wrong…it’s an opinion), but my first reaction is to say that while there are certainly more genres and categories now than ever before, I feel as though they’ve become less important. Strange, I know. The name of the game these days is fusion. Music, film, art, theatre, dance…country, pop, jazz, folk. Artists still label themselves, but it’s very rare that such artists identify themselves with only one genre or style. More often you find a slew of descriptors associated with one group or individual, making it less about the category and more about the individual’s unique take on those styles. Melting pot indeed and one in which you never know what you’re going to get. Just my thoughts…any others?


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