Is ‘Lil Wayne a t-PAIN?

Worst title ever.  Sorry.



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6 responses to “Is ‘Lil Wayne a t-PAIN?

  1. Allen Doyle

    I think that in reality, true minimalism is more complex. You could layer music track over music track in 7 different time signatures and many key changes, and make a great complex piece of work. But to make a simple,repetitive beat, with simple,repetitive melodies, and almost uni-tone lyrics,is composition in its finest. You could write a complex 14 part symphony that you and your composer friends can admire, but a normal person wouldnt notice a hemiola or a 5/8 measure transition into a 7/8 measure. Using very little music theory and little knowledge of composition, you must make a great song out of simple rhythms and repetative melodies with lyrics people either relate to (or wish they related to in the case of lil wayne) must use pyscology to its full intention, to develop a work of music that the average person to like and be attracted to is a very difficult task, that very few have mastered. And that is why minimalism is complex by simplyfing music to a less musically inclined audiance.

  2. Aunt Melissa

    And, oh yeah, I do love to be calmed and comforted and energized by tuning to the classical station; (and in my life, I need much calm, comfort, and energy). Don’t know any theory, per se, but I do know beauty.
    And pretty much cannot stand lil Wayne, just sayin-

    • I’m not the biggest fan of ‘lil wayne either. It was actually in my disproval of him that I was put up to the task of comparing him to a modern/avant guard/contemporary composer.

  3. Allen Doyle

    Some symphonies do have an emotional effect on effect on me and the hard music you write for marching band, when played right, just makes you smile.


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