To beautify is to subjectify

I’ve been having some thoughts on what beauty is, and how it is defined in life and of course, in music.

Is true beauty completely subjective?  Or is more about those who seek either superficial or deep beauty and that although there is some subjectivity, there is a general consensus among those who seek those two types of beauty?

What is beauty?  Can something beautiful be something rough, eccentric, or even painful?




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3 responses to “To beautify is to subjectify

  1. Kibble

    Music can be intersting but not beautiful. It can be emotional but not beautiful. It can be complex but not beautiful. Beauty is its own category.

  2. Ok, I guess I’ll be the one to pull out the cliche phrase…but it aligns with the sentiment that I have found myself believing more and more recently.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    Mind-blowing, I know! 😉

  3. I think both of your opinions are great!


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