You thought Contemporary Voice was just music?

Today will be our first delving into contemporary dance art.  We will start with Martha Graham.

Admittedly, I am no dance expert, but contemporary dance and music are both worth promoting and educating about.

DO NOT FEAR, this blog will always find it’s home in music, but little by little, dance will become a part of CV.  But do you know that dance  and music used to be almost inseparable. The piece “Lamentations” was collaborated with a piano composition by Zoltan Kodaly, who is also very well-known in the music education community.

Thanks for coming by today!



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3 responses to “You thought Contemporary Voice was just music?

  1. So glad you wrote about dance today! That footage of Lamentations is amazing! I read something related to dance just a few hours ago and I’ve been wanting to share it with someone.

    “If people make it a habit to draw a somersault on every other street as they commute to their office, take off their pants before they fight, shake hands with strangers whenever they feel like it, give flowers or part of their clothing on streets, subways, elevator, toilet, etc., and if politicians go through a tea house door (lowered, so people must bend very low to get through) before they discuss anything and spend a day watching the fountain water dance at the nearest park, the world business may slow down a little but we may have peace. To me this is dance.”
    –Yoko Ono, 1966

    A very modern take on how one might approach the idea of dance, and a very high calling for it as well (the bringing of peace). But I found it a beautiful thought!

    • Lovely, Christine. Thank you for sharing that quote. I am an avid quote collector and this one is definitely going in my book. 🙂

      I am also glad that today’s post speaks to dance (although I’m a bit biased). And who better to start with than Martha Graham…she was a massive force of artistic movement and has always been a great inspiration of mine. I recently took a master class on historically accurate Graham technique and experienced first hand just how challenging her technique can be to execute. Many people may not realize that, while a modern art and not a style that appears at first to exhibit the same technical difficulty as a more traditional form, modern dance certainly demands the same levels of expertise, skill, and precision.

    • Christine, so great having you around! Glad you enjoyed it. An extremely interesting thought to ponder that I am so glad you shared!


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