Exciting day today! PLEASE pretty please leave a comment.

Today was the innagural lecture/presentation of CV.  I hope some people enjoyed it.  Also, I hope those people leave a comment!  I love comments.  I’d marry comments, but I’m already married.



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10 responses to “Exciting day today! PLEASE pretty please leave a comment.

  1. Don’t really have an opinion on your question of the day but it’s good to “see” you!!! ~Cassie

  2. Aunt Melissa

    Hey Davie, you’re lookin’ great!
    How about tapping the high school band/ drum corps teachers in the greater Fort Worth area? They certainly know the people in around there who could be interested in your project, and probably have some ideas.
    Just a thought a from a “non” music person-
    Love to you and Hilary!
    Aunt M

    • I am definitely trying to get into the band director culture here. I’m actually just trying to work on how to make that first step into it. Thank you again for your kind encouragement!

  3. Tom

    I’d like to see short (3 minute max) mini lectures on music that are packed with info on all kinds of music. From your past blogs I have learned about some music I would never listen to on my own>

    • Hmmmm. I’m doing a version of that today (to be posted soon) where I just write a little bit and link to some pieces. Now, the one thing I can’t do is shorten the music. I can’t get entire pieces in 3 minutes, but that does bring up an interesting point! Thanks Dad!

  4. Darrin Hicks

    I was there! Good work, David!

  5. Parissa

    I don’t know that I have anything really unique to add to what you’re already doing, but maybe something about artists that are off the “grid,” so to speak? Or something lesser known from the artists that most people, even your more educated musician followers, would know? Or a unique fact about the “popular” pieces? Maybe a bit too vague, but it could be interesting.

    Keep it up! Thanks, David!


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