Our ears have no tolerance

What kind of aural violence can we put up with?  This me be better to run in the background because of the screen reflection in my glasses!  Sorray!  And I’m working on the video quality thing.  It will be better.



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4 responses to “Our ears have no tolerance

  1. Dallas

    I’m just starting to catch up with all that you’ve been adding to this site and really enjoy what you have up.

    I was intrigued by this post in a number of ways. I totally agree with you that we seem to be far more tolerant of visual images than of sound “images”. One thought that I have is that sound produces much deeper and stronger reactions in us than visual images. Music, and sound in general, can elicit such a broad range of powerful emotions. For example, many people can recognize a song seconds after it starts playing and they immediately have some memory of high school, or whatever. I don’t get that same feeling from looking at pictures. I could look at a picture of the previously mentioned high school event and maybe get the same feeling as provoked by the song, but it would take longer to materialize and probably be less powerful. Maybe. I’m not a scientist but that is how I would feel.

    Another thought that your post gave me, is that I am in the process of playing, and searching out, very “clean” music. Some dissonances but they resolve properly. I must have had a bad reaction to some dissonant music and I am still cautious/intolerant of very dissonant music. I’ve been in this guarded state for a few months, which, to me, shows the power that music and sound can have over a persons thoughts.

    Enjoy what you have and can’t wait to read/listen to some more!

    • Thanks for catching up Dallas! Good to hear from you!
      I think you make some compelling points, but I couldn’t help but wonder, if we watched G-PG Disney pictures our whole life, could we sit through thirty minutes of notoriously violent movies like Saving Private Ryan, Kill Bill, or Sin City? I wonder if we just listen to “G-PG” music/progressions/structures too much, if we are equipped to handle Schoenberg. I still struggle with some composers of extreme dissonance or experimentation (like Milton Babbit)

      I also wonder, but have no idea, if because we are so inundated with images every day that they mean less than they used to and sound/music is something we have fewer experiences with and are then valued/remembered better or often. So, a kind of aural supply/demand ratio makes them worth more.

      Thoughts?? Interesting stuff!!

      • Dallas

        Yes that all makes sense. I was just thinking about how often we actually do control what we listen to as opposed to what we see. For example, riding in the car almost everyone listens to the radio or has their own mix on their ipod. With either setup, when a song comes on that we don´t like we usually skip it or move on to a different radio station thereby avoiding unpleasant songs. Opposed to a movie or tv show you don’t change the channel or fast-forward through violent images, at least I don’t as often.

      • Wow! You’re so right! Man, I wish I knew why we don’t change the channel more or the same amount as music. Maybe it’s a different type of tolerance altogether.


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