So I have been away from it all being constantly in the throws of practice, study, practice, study, ect. of graduate school, and honestly, I have quite a bit more left this semester.  However, this is supposed to be the most grueling one and I will be doing much more starting Christmas break and after.

The most demanding course this semester has been Research and Bibliography.  A typical initiation of the graduate student in any field at any school, the course here is extremely demanding.  Part of the requirements for this course is to write an annotated bibliography of around 20-25 pages.

For those of you that do not know me personally, I am Greek Orthodox and am trained (although with much to improve upon) in Byzantine chant.  It is this music that I decided to do my annotated on the practice of Byzantine Chant.

For those interested, here it is.

UPDATE  1/2/2010:

It is an immense error (truly unforgivable) that the tireless and brilliant work of Fr. Seraphim Dedes that was a springboard and first for truly Byzantine melodies in English was left out of this bibliography.  It was not meant to!  Fr. Seraphim was where I first sang Byzantine notation in English.  Such a milestone of work has been done by him.  If per-chance he ever sees this before I update it, I ask greatly for his pardon.

It is quite also poor writing and scholarship that I left out the Menaion by Holy Transfiguration Monastery.  Their metered works and beautiful translations are inspired and will no doubt continue to be the standard for many years.


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