New Year to bring in a Game Changer

Would love to hear your thoughts!  The plans are big, the ideas small.  Here’s to the New Year’s resolution of changing music culture!

Also, by Game Changer I mean something in which you knew your musical world would not be the same.  I did not specify!  I was too excited to be back at it!



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6 responses to “New Year to bring in a Game Changer

  1. Joe Tucker

    My last gamer changer in my own personal life happened last year. We finally started a contemporary music program at Western Michigan, and I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with John Dykers, a legendary tenor, during the piece “Eight Songs for a Mad King” By Peter Maxwell Davies. 1) Sharing the stage with someone that immersed in and committed to contemporary music, not to mention that talented, was an eye opener for me. 2) His performance of the work was the most intense, passionate, and at times violent and frightening, thing I have ever been a part of. It fundamentally altered the way I approach music.

    • Man that is awesome. What an incredible experience. I am so desperate to share a performance like that again! Your description is also so vivid, that although I do not know the piece (looking into it right now) I can almost see it being performed. What if more people could see the intensity, passion, and violence of music? What do you think I need to do to help bring that into a more well-lit stage of awareness?

  2. Tom

    Although I had been a country music fan for almost a decade, I bought a CD recorded by a band named Shadowfax. I don’t even remember the name of the CD, but the music fused elements of jazz, rock, and electronica into something I had never heard before. I could never replicate their sound, but I was blown away by the musicality and the performance of it. In another genre, the first time I heard Garth Brooks perform Billy Joel’s “Shameless” at the CMA Awards show, I was blown away. Here was someone in the country field performing a style that was new – rock drums and a stage show that rivaled any of the great Rock artists. Before him country music artists stould still and sang – he moved all over the stage. The next game changer I remember was Shania Twain’s breakout CD, “The Woman In Me” produced by her then legendary Def Leopard producer husband Mutt Lange. Once again the sound was completely unique to country music and it created a sensation.

    • I remember (and may have inherited) that Shadowfax CD. They won a Grammy for both of them. How did you hear about them?
      I also forgot that “shameless” was a cover. That is a great cut. In fact, I could probably still sing all the songs from that album.

  3. Darrin Hicks

    I have two that come to mind:
    1) I recently had the opportunity to play timpani on Brahm’s Requiem in the beautiful Bass Hall in Fort Worth, TX to a sold out house and under the baton of the legendary German conductor, Maestro Helmuth Rilling! The performance was thrilling and paid tribute to Ron Shirey, a wonderful choral conductor who passed last year. What a fabulous experience!

    2) Next is the purchase of my HAPI UFO Drum! It’s essentially a steel tongue drum that sounds like a mix of a steel drum and kalimba but played like a hand drum. It is very similar to a hang drum for those of you familiar. Great post David!
    P.S. here’s an example of my drum…

    Happy New Year CV,


    • The Brahms Requiem was very well played that night! Timpani intonation was pretty nails.

      I’m glad you posted a link to your UFO drum video. I watched it a few months ago and totally forgot to tell you!
      Thanks for the well-wishes. I am working hard on CV and hope to live up to my goals.


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