Black Eyed Pods

Today’s topic is VERY controversial!  Listener/watcher beware!

Also, to all you H8rs out there (or “haters” for my viewers who may not know), please don’t bash.  State your claim and then respect others’ opinions!

You’d be crazy not to comment today.  Let’s “get it started! Haaa!”



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10 responses to “Black Eyed Pods

  1. Ok, not the biggest fan of super pop-ified country…give me the good ole’ timers bluegrass and I’m more than happy. Also, not huge on German expressionist opera. Yeah, that’s specific and I fully understand that most people will be confused by my choice. Living with a contemporary musician and artist is awesome! There is always something new to learn and hear…and now I know that German expressionist opera is not my cup of tea. (For listening, that is. I’m sure it has a very relevant and significant role in music history).

  2. Christina

    I despise with a firey passion 2 types of music….

    1. Twangy stereotypical country. – I think maybe its the cheesiness of the “storyline” that they are singing about mixed with the twangy guitar, but something about it definitely makes me cringe.
    2. Snoop Dog. – because my fiance knows every word to the rap sections of his songs and its freaky. [haha, ok I’m sorta kidding on this one]

    But yea, for sure, twangy country is not my favorite.

    • Yeah I can see what you mean about storyline country. Yet, like Hilary, I really like bluegrass but that just may be because of my background. And funny note, because of Sam, Snoop Dogg is one of the few rappers I’ve spent money on.FoCiod to see you here on the ol’ CV Christina!

  3. Braedon

    I cannot stand the really dark death metal that has little or no discernible melody line or time.
    Twangy country also bothers me, but I think the majority of “mainstream radio music” grinds my gears the most.

  4. Mikey

    OK, so this will sound absurd with me being Mexican and everything, but I absolutely cannot stand Tejano music. I think it’s mostly the Polka-esque bass line (Do, Sol, Do, Sol, Do, Sol, La, Ti, Do) and the shrill accordion playing which accompanies the majority of Tejano. It’s probably similar to why most people hate Country music. Also, Death Metal blows huge, vomity chunks. There is nothing exciting nor entertaining about continuos 16th based double pedals and atonal screaming, indiscernible lyrics.

  5. Tom

    I just now got to watch your post. I HATE any kind of rap as I do not believe that you can even call it music!!!!!!! I don’t know what it is, but it is not music to me. The fact that it is as huge as it is says something about the woleful state of music education in this country.

    • While I’m not a rap connoisseur, the category “rap” has become so vast and expansive that there are some types/styles/artists that produce fine and creative work. If you have never heard or listened to an album by “The Roots,” I think you would be very surprised what some are doing.
      Gansta’ rap I find pretty repulsive, but mostly because of the vulgarity and “lowest common denominator” of human decency.
      However, it is without doubt music. It’s like saying that Satanism isn’t a religion. It is, just maybe not a good one.


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