No matter what your politics

No matter what your political views, GREAT words from Mike Huckabee about the importance of music!

Thanks D!



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4 responses to “No matter what your politics

  1. Melissa

    I totally agree with him on this, David.
    Usually when someone starts a conversation with “no matter what your politics…”, I get a little worried. Because usually, it is a slam against my politics! But this was not the case with you today, so thank you!
    Meanwhile, I wish the schools spent less on “social” programs and more on sciences, music and the arts. (And there came the politics…..:-))
    Love you!
    Aunt M

  2. So true and wonderfully said! Thank you for sharing…now we need to spread this message along to more!

  3. Kibble

    Not to mention the fact that the mental exercise of music increases one’s IQ which improves all cognitive functions.


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