Why “Merde” means so much

“Break a leg!”

“Knock ’em dead!”

“Good luck!”

These common expressions are known to the general public as a way of expressing well-wishes for a performance, be it on a stage or in an interview. Yet, there is one word reserved for the dancer. It comes from an unlikely definition (it translates to “shit” from French!) that oddly enough means “good luck!” Before a dance performance, and especially ballet where this tradition started, one could hear the sweet and cheerful proclamations of French vulgarity.


But this word has a different meaning to me. I love collaborating with dance. I mean, I really really love it. It also just so happens that I am married to a wonderful dancer whose movement has inspired me time and time again.

Pieces have been written that she has danced in. One I performed on stage with the dancers, the other was one of the more personal works I’ve written. With every performance, I am able to utter a word reserved for those fortunate enough to perform in movement. A very interesting moment also happened this past summer at Interlochen, when I actually performed movement in a dance piece, and my wife was able to say (text) the same to me. “Merde!” It was in that very day I started this post.

So what is this post really about? It’s about today. Today is the fifth wedding anniversary for my wife and I. Hilary is my favorite dancer by far. She is also my favorite blogger, designer, social media guru, and yes even my favorite comedian.
In a life guided by our dedication to our faith and beauty in the arts, we have been fortunate enough to live in this beauty. We are truly blessed, and we will always be grateful to all those in the community of our relationship who have made it what it is today.

To Hilary,
Happy Anniversary.

Here’s to many more years together on the stage of life.



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5 responses to “Why “Merde” means so much

  1. Congratulations, Son. I am so proud of the decisions my children have made. What a gift to find the right one. Enjoy your day!
    PS: How much would it cost me to get a video of you dancing??? Whatever the price, I’ll pay it 🙂

  2. Parissa

    How beautifully written!! Happy anniversary!

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