Enhancing or Diluting?

On twitter, I came across someone who had posted this video.  I forgot who it was, so unfortunately I can’t get you to follow them, but this video is quite interesting to look at.

Do you think collaborations like this enhance each perspective art or dilute them both?  Is a little diluting worth it to get thousands of people involved in both.  Let’s be honest, usually diehard fans of James Brown are not fans (or even listen to) Pavarotti and vice versa.  So is it worth showing some of what each can do to compromise the difference in style?  Or does this make both styles, equally sweet in their own right, less pure?  You tell me!

Leave a comment.  Be opinionated!



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2 responses to “Enhancing or Diluting?

  1. I like collaborations like these. Years ago Pavarotti paired with Celine Dion, and I found it beautiful. Take this piece- he is singing, I’m assuming, in Italian. How many people in that audience have heard anyone sing in Italian, much less a master such as Pavarotti?

    I have found through the years that I can earn an appreciation for a different artist and style of music when they sing with one of my favorites- it shows their versatility as well as the mutual respect between the artists. I think it’s a good idea to collaborate occasionally . . . can broaden the horizons of those listening.

    • That is an interesting point about an audience who may have never heard someone sing in Italian. I also very much appreciated James Brown’s clear respect towards Pavarotti throughout. I’m not exactly sure Pavarotti knew what was going on. This was pretty late in both their lives.

      I do think the broadening of horizons plays a big role here. Although, I think I’d rather just listen to JB or Pavarotti solo, it’s because I like both! For those who are on one side or the other, it could be a wake up call. You just gave me another idea for another post. Thanks!!


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