Glass is stoner music?

After reading an article here that discusses the use of chemical enhancers to enjoy a particular piece of art, it got me thinking, “how normal is this?”

So today, that is my question.  Does music, or certain kinds of music have to be accompanied by some sort of outside chemical influence?  I find the answer to this preposterous, but I’d like to know what you think too.

It seems ridiculous to me that many cannot appreciate the music, art, or even a football game without alcohol or something illegal.  There is the argument that many artists would not have made some of their best music without drugs or alcohol.  But do you really think Hendrix would have washed out without drugs?  Do you think Miles Davis really would not have been a household name if he had been clean?  I think that although there is no way of truly knowing these answers, it is kind of crazy to think that these superbly talented individuals would have never added up to anything.  Remember, most of the chemical abuse by artists happens after they become famous since that is when they could actually afford it.  John Coltrane recorded his deepest album when he had finally come clean.  It’s not an exact science, but it is worth noting these points.

I think music (and so did the ancient Greeks) is such a powerful force, that if you listen closely, it will move you.  It is truly a miraculous force, and it is worth spreading and keeping alive.  So lets keep this natural drug, that can move you and separate you from society, in our culture and schools to give people more than any single chemical can.



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3 responses to “Glass is stoner music?

  1. I think it all depends on the quantity of substance use. If a person is so void of depth he/she has to be drunk or stoned to enjoy something, there is a serious problem. But so many of our cultural events have become associated with certain foods and beverages.

    I’m sure many men will admit that getting to eat chili dogs and drink beer enhance the football-watching experience. Okay, so many women would probably admit that, too! 😉 What are holiday gatherings without quality wines and mixed drinks, ones we may not have at any other time of year? Heck, what is Christmas without Boiled Custard? 😉 And do people enjoy watching sports or listening to live music just for the event itself or because it provides an opportunity to spend time with friends who share the same interests?

    I believe that the arts, like sports, are meant to be shared, and if that happens in a park while people sip wine, so be it.

  2. Interesting points, Cassie! I certainly enjoy a nice glass of wine with company or at a special event as well. I think the line between enjoying a substance responsibly and choosing to indulge in extreme excess is the difference here. Chemical influencers are NOT necessary, in my opinion, to enjoy art but they have become a culturally accepted compliment to many entertaining experiences.

  3. I’m with you, David. Being an artist has become so much of an excuse, in my opinion, for people to drug and drink. I am all for the purity of music.


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