Why I won’t go back to Teach in TN

Support your arts programs at your local school!  TN has forgotten what is important in education. (again)



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8 responses to “Why I won’t go back to Teach in TN

  1. Marion

    Good thoughts. Tennessee has good private schools, however, unfortunately, they lack exposure in percussion or band related talents. Tennessee has never been rated highly in education in comparison to other states which is unfortunate….however, I will say that there are some public schools in Nashville that rate very highly nationwide….Hume Fogg, MLK.

  2. Thank you for this. Tennessee, and other states, are most definitely taking the wrong approach to improving education. And, as you touched on, it really affects those in disadvantaged and low socioeconomic conditions. People like you and me have other resources and support and were able to make it in the poor educational system of Tennessee. Others without those resources fall behind.

    • Good to hear from you Karissa! Those in low socioeconomic conditions are completely neglected. The amount of talent squashed by the time one of those students is in middle school is staggering. El sistema is an organization in South America that takes at risk kids that would normally turn to drugs or violence, and puts a violin in their hands. They exchange instruments for guns. It’s incredible.

  3. Chelsey Shelton-Preiser


    Its nice to catch up with you on your blog! You made some very good points. I grew up in North Texas and went to school in Keller before moving to TN in high school. The difference between the TX and TN music programs are crazy! TX programs were a lot more competitive and challenging. We had a lot more funding and support as well.

    As a music teacher in TN, I feel concerned for our students. They need the opportunity for an expressive, creative experience to help them grow mentally. This is why we need the arts in schools.

    • Thanks so much Chelsey! I’m glad to see you here! North Texas has it figured out in music education. The market is over-saturated with talented teachers, and that’s a good thing. That talent disperses because of the supply/demand needs of other districts, and they get better. I love the last two sentences of you comment! I could not agree more!

  4. Fantastic commentary, David! So happy to see an active conversation around this subject too. The more buzz, the more attention that will be brought to this problem.

  5. Allen Doyle

    Dear Mr. Walker,
    This is Allen Doyle from Shelbyville. I am a sophomore this year. I thought i’d give you the link for one of our shows. I am on snare and the other snare is actually a baritone player. This is our performance from Memphis this year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK1XrhyziPc&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL6B04EAD2CD658991


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