Metastasis-A musical Feast!

BTW, at 2:28, I meant “waining SIRENS.”


Just listen to the first 1:35 right now. We’ll dig deeper later!

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Happy Friday

An impassioned Friday post. Excited!

Pierrot Lunaire. For movement (song) 14, go to the 8:17 minute mark and listen all the way through.

Try something new.

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NYE analysis: Thank GOD FOR THE ROOTS!

CEE LO, sings a bit too high.


A new link since the other one has been removed, but audio is rough!  It’s hard to hear how awesome the bass, drums, keyboard, and guitar are together. You could drive a truck through beats 1 and 3=sweet.  And it’s longer than what was on the broadcast I saw I think.

Oh and SOUSAPHONE!?! AWESOME! It’s mic-ed and in the mix (!) but is not really audible on internet.


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A special reposting

I posted this a while ago, but it’s worth reposting in light of recent events.——————-

This in no way is a solution-based post, but one setting up the heist of our country’s future.  More to come soon!

Thanks for being here!  Spread it and stir it up!

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Why I won’t go back to Teach in TN

Support your arts programs at your local school!  TN has forgotten what is important in education. (again)


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Glass is stoner music?

After reading an article here that discusses the use of chemical enhancers to enjoy a particular piece of art, it got me thinking, “how normal is this?”

So today, that is my question.  Does music, or certain kinds of music have to be accompanied by some sort of outside chemical influence?  I find the answer to this preposterous, but I’d like to know what you think too.

It seems ridiculous to me that many cannot appreciate the music, art, or even a football game without alcohol or something illegal.  There is the argument that many artists would not have made some of their best music without drugs or alcohol.  But do you really think Hendrix would have washed out without drugs?  Do you think Miles Davis really would not have been a household name if he had been clean?  I think that although there is no way of truly knowing these answers, it is kind of crazy to think that these superbly talented individuals would have never added up to anything.  Remember, most of the chemical abuse by artists happens after they become famous since that is when they could actually afford it.  John Coltrane recorded his deepest album when he had finally come clean.  It’s not an exact science, but it is worth noting these points.

I think music (and so did the ancient Greeks) is such a powerful force, that if you listen closely, it will move you.  It is truly a miraculous force, and it is worth spreading and keeping alive.  So lets keep this natural drug, that can move you and separate you from society, in our culture and schools to give people more than any single chemical can.


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Cracked-out Macedonian music. Need I say more?

This past weekend was the Greek Festival at my church.  With the constant stream of live and recorded Greek folk music, it inspired a little deeper investigation in the folk dance and music of Greece.  There is some fascinating stuff, but I stumbled on this and was dumbfounded.  Just what the heck is going on?  I have no idea, but it is fascinating!

Maybe this is why I love contemporary music so much.  I don’t have to understand it at all to understand an organized chaos.


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